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Tcodes in PP module ?

Hello experts ,

PLease provide me some of the commonly used T codes

in the PP module .

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3 Answers

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    Sep 23, 2008 at 07:04 AM

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    Sep 24, 2008 at 08:04 AM

    Hope you will find this informative:

    Capacity Planning CM01 Cap. planning, work center load

    CM02 Capac. planning, work center orders

    CM03 Capac. planning, work center pool

    CM05 Capacity plan.:Work center overload

    CM07 Cap. planning: Variable access

    CM21 Capacity leveling SFC planning table

    CM22 Capacity leveling:SFC planning table

    Work Center CR01 Create Work Center

    CR02 Change Work Center

    CR03 Display Work Center

    CR04 Test Work Center Formulas

    CR05 Work Center List

    CR06 Work Center Assignment to Cost Ctr

    CR07 Work Center Capacities

    CR08 Work Center Hierarchy

    CR60 Work center information system

    BOM CS01 Create Material BOM

    CS02 Change Material BOM

    CS03 Display Material BOM

    CS05 Change Material BOM Group

    CS11 Display BOM Level by Level

    CS12 Multilevel BOM

    CS13 Summarized BOM

    CS14 BOM Comparison

    CS15 Single-Level Where-Used List

    CS80 Change Documents for Material BOM

    CS81 Change Documents for Standard BOM

    Inventory Activities MM03 Material Display

    MB03 Display Material Document

    MB1A Goods Withdrawal

    MB1B Transfer Posting

    MB1C Other Goods Receipts

    MB51 Material Doc. List

    MB59 Material Doc. List

    MMBE Stock Overview

    MRP MD01 MRP Run

    MD02 MRP - Single-item, Multi-level -

    md03 MRP-Individual Planning-Single Level

    MD04 Display Stock/Requirements Situation

    MD05 Individual Display Of MRP List

    MD06 Collective Display Of MRP List

    MD07 Current Material Overview

    MD09 Pegging

    Planned Orders MD11 Create Planned Order

    MD12 Change Planned Order

    MD13 Display Planned Order

    MD16 Collective Display of Planned Orders

    MD21 Display Planning File Entry

    MD46 Eval. MRP lists of MRP controller

    MD4C Multilevel Order Report

    Demand Management MD61 Create Planned Indep. Requirements

    MD62 Change Planned Indep. Requirements

    MD63 Display Planned Indep. Requirements

    MD73 Display Total Indep. Requirements

    MD79 PP Demand Mngmt - XXL List Viewer

    MDLD Print MRP List

    Quality Management QA03 Display inspection lot

    QA13 Display usage decision

    QE03 Display characteristic results

    QF03 Display defect data

    Repetitive Manufacturing

    MF52 Planning Table - Display

    MF41 Reverse Backflush Posting

    MF12 Display Document

    MF47 Post Processing of Backflush Document

    MF26 Display Reporting Point Quantity

    MF27 Update Stats for Planned Quantities

    MF41 Reverse Backflush (With ALV)

    MF42 Collective Backflush

    MF42N New Collective Entry

    MF4R Resetting Reporting Points

    MF50 Planning Table - Change

    MF51 Print Production Quantities (Production list for Rep. Manufacturing)

    MF52 Planning Table - Display

    MF53 Maintaining Variants-Production List

    MF57 Planning Table - By MRP Lists

    MF65 Stock Transfer for Reservation

    MF70 Aggregate Collective Backflush

    MFBF Backflushing In Repetitive Mfg

    Routing CA21 Create Rate Routing

    CA22 Change Rate Routing

    CA23 Display Rate Routing

    CA51 Print List

    CA80 Use of Work Center in Task Lists

    Master Recipe C201 Create Master Recipe

    C202 Change Master Recipe

    C203 Display Master Recipe

    C223 Maintain Production Versions

    C251 Print Master Recipes

    C252 Print Production Versions

    C260 Recipe Development on Time Basis

    C261 Change Document Display Master Rec.

    C298 Delete Master Recipes

    Process Orders CO06 Backorder Processing

    CO09 Availability Overview

    CO26 Order information system

    CO28 Choose indiv. object lists

    CO46 Order progress report

    COGI Processing goods movemnts w. errors

    COID Select Object Detail Lists in PP-PI

    COIO Order Info System for PP-PI

    COPD Print Process Order

    COPI Print Process Order ShopFloor Papers

    COR1 Create Process Order

    COR2 Change Process Order

    COR3 Display Process Order

    COR7 Convert Planned Order to Proc. Order

    COR8 Coll.Conv.: Plnned Ord. to Proc.Ord.

    CORK Process Order Confirmations (Total)

    CORS Cancel Process Order Confirmation

    CORT Display Process Order Confirmation

    COOIS Production Order Information System

    COOISPI Process Order Information System

    CO24 MissingPartsInfoSyst

    MB52 List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand

    MDUM Convert Planned Orders into PReqs

    LX02 Stock list

    LX03 Bin Status Report

    Resource CRC1 Create Resource

    CRC2 Change Resource

    CRC3 Display Resource

    MB21 Create Reservation

    MB22 Change Reservation

    MB23 Display Reservation

    MB24 Reservation List

    MB25 Reservation List

    MB56 Analyze batch where-used list

    MB57 Compile Batch Where-Used List

    MC74 Transfer Mat. to Demand Management

    MC75 Transfer PG to Demand Management

    MC78 Copy SOP Version

    MC80 Delete and activate versions

    MC81 Sales and Operations Planning

    MC82 Sales and Operations Planning

    MC83 Sales and Operations Planning

    MC84 Create Product Group

    MC85 Display Product Group

    MC86 Change Product Groups

    MD14 Individual Conversion of Plnned Ord.

    MD15 Collective Conversion Of Plnd Ordrs.

    MD47 Product Group Planning Evaluation

    Batch Management MSC1N Create Batch

    MSC2N Change Batch

    MSC3 Display Batch

    MSC3N Display Batch

    MSC4 Display Batch Changes

    ZMIS Material Requisition Issue Slip

    ZMRP Material Requirement Planning Report

    ZPPCOR2 Process Order Release - Batch Number

    ZQI002 TCod for Inspec. Resu.

    ZQI003 Report to see Quality Report(03)

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    Former Member
    Sep 25, 2008 at 07:50 AM


    I tell you main Transaction Code:

    MM01 Create Material Master

    CS01 Create BOM

    CR01 Create Work Center

    CA01 Create Routing

    MD40 Run MPS Online

    MD41 Run MPS Single Item - Multi Level

    MD42 Run MPS Single Item- Single Level

    CM25 Dispatch

    MD11 Create planned order

    CO01 Create Production Order

    MD04 Stock / Requirement list

    COHV Mass Process Production Order

    CO15 Production Order Confirmation

    COGI Check goods movement

    MD01 Run MRP Online

    MD02 Run MRP Single Item - Multi Level

    MD03 Run MRP Single Item- Single Level




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