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Sep 23, 2008 at 06:00 AM

Flat File DataSource doesn't load properly.


Hi all,

we have a data file, which is tab delimited, saved as CSV and text versions. i have created a flat file datasource, mapped all fields.

I can load CSV version fine, but when use it on text version, it doesn't like it and can only return column one with the rest of the column blanked in the preview tab.


In the "General" tab, everything is unchecked.

In Extraction tab, Adapter - "Load Text-Type File from Local Workstation"

Character settings - "Default setting"

Data format - "Separated with Separator"

Data separator - tab (00BB Hex)

Escape Sign - CR (00B6 Hex)

Number format - Direct entry

Thousand Separator - ","

Decimal point - "."

i have tried different setting, change number format to "User Master Records".

With the text version, the result in Preview can only display first column and Proposal preview can only shows one column. There is no error returned from the text version.

The CSV version can display all data and they are aligned as well.

what do i miss? is the text file not saved correctly? i can see all tabs and CR in the text version. it seems to be the tab is not detected properly or something.