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Sep 23, 2008 at 05:57 AM

Generate Data Basis in target system after transport in BCS 6?


in OSS note 627924 - "Restrictions with transport in BW-based SEM-BCS"

it is recommended to transport BI objects via BI as opposed to generation in the target system:

For the definition of the data basis, you can set that objects such as ODS objects or Virtual InfoProvider are generated in the BW. These objects are not generated automatically in the target system during the transport of the data basis. You have two options to create these objects in the target system:

You call the maintenance of the data basis and press generate (only as of Release 3.2).

You transport the generated objects using the transfer function of the BW Administrator Workbench.

If you generate the objects using the data basis maintenance, it is not ensured that the definition in the target system is identical to that in the source system. Functions that build on these objects, such as queries or extractors in BW, sometimes work differently in the target system from how they work in the source system. Therefore, we recommend that you transport the objects using the transfer function of the Administrator Workbench of the Business Information Warehouse.

Like much SAP guidance and many of the OSS notes, it isn't clear if this still applies to BCS 6 (the OSS note does say 'release independent' but it hasn't been updated for a few years).

Does anyone know if this is still relevant?