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Fixed Assets addon - not showing in main menu


I'm having an issue with the Fixed Asset addon in B1. The addon is installed and connected, but there is no way to access it through the main menu.

From my research I found a previous thread that said it may be an issue with the install; however after completely wiping the system and performing a fresh install there is no sign of the FA addon in the menu.

Does anyone have any input as to how to resolve this issue?

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3 Answers

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    Sep 23, 2008 at 09:34 AM

    Dear Bryan Licas,

    Normally, when you installed Fixed Assest, you need to go to Administration->Addons->addon manager, highlight the line of fixed assest and push 'connect' button and wait until system refresh the menu.

    If the status shown in addon manager is already 'connected', higlight the row and push 'stop' button, then try to connect it again and check if you get any error.

    If it is connnected, you will find additional two folders under Administration-> setup-> fixed assets ang Financials-> fixed assets.


    Ivy Zhang

    SAP Business One Forum Team

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  • Sep 23, 2008 at 02:36 AM


    Please refer to note 814163 as below:


    After successfully installing Fixed Assets, you attempt to start the add-on however it stops and displays an error message.

    Other terms

    Extension's set-up function failed (SboAssetMgr Class), SAP Business One, Error getting last error from DI API, The server threw an exception, Connection to company failed

    Reason and Prerequisites

    Specific Solution


    When Fixed Assets is started for the first time in a company it must initialize itself. In certain circumstances, this process can fail:

    1. Shortly after starting Fixed Assets, the following message appears:

    "Error getting last error from DI API". The add-on tries to connect to the DI API, but the connection fails. Now the add-on asks the DI API for the reason. This request also fails, probably because the DI API is not installed. This is not a problem caused by Fixed Assets

    itself. Install the DI API from your SAP Business One Package.

    2. After starting Fixed Assets, the following message appears: "Connection to company failed: the server threw an exception". This is probably due to a version mismatch. The installed DI API is not suitable for the installed version of SAP Business One. The section

    of the error message after the colon is issued by MS-Windows, thus the message may appear in your local language. This is not a problem caused by Fixed Assets itself, but an unexpected error that occurred

    inside the DI API. Uninstall the incorrect version of the DI API and install the appropriate version.

    If the message after the colon differs from the message text mentioned above, the text is issued by the DI API and should describe the problem.

    3. After starting Fixed Assets, the add-on runs for some time creating user-defined tables and fields. After a while it stops and the following message appears: "Extension's set-up function failed

    (SboAssetMgr Class)". This means that the add-on encountered a problem while initializing. Known reasons for this behavior are as follows:

    a) The country-specific tax codes are missing. For more information, see SAP Note 770851.

    b) Your Windows operating system is using a Non-Latin code page. For more information, see SAP Note 810347.

    c) In the log file, you find the following error:

    DI-API: ErrNo=-5002, ErrMsg=[OITM.VatGourpSa] , '...'

    The error code is the same as that for the problem with the missing tax codes. Fixed Assets encountered a problem while trying to insert asset classes into the item master data. SAP Business One inserts an error message after the second comma that should describe the problem. If this is not the case, try to insert an item manually using the requested tax codes. You will most likely get the same error. If you're able to insert an item with these tax codes, then Fixed Assets will also be able to do so.

    d) In the log file, you find a line similar to the following:

    CSBOAddOnUtil::LoadXML Load XML failed: ... [line: x linepos:x].

    Instead of the three dots you will see a localized error message issued by the Microsoft XML parser. The two x's stand for the erroneous line and position within the XML file. The XML parser is part of your Windows operating system. If it fails to read the XML file, you may have the wrong version installed. Please do read the Administrator's guide for 2007 and Add on Installation guide. Business One add-ons require MSXML3 (Version 3.0 SP 4).

    You can download this version from the Microsoft website.

    After resolving the problem, restart Fixed Assets. The initialization will now finish without any problems.

    Wish it is useful for you.



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  • Sep 23, 2008 at 02:46 AM


    If the note above could not solve your issue, please check which localization you are using .

    kindly check the setting in Note 770851.



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