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Sep 23, 2008 at 12:45 AM

where is the code to avoid invoice split using multiple delivery numbers


My functional consultant is asking me to debug because while trying to created invoice using the 2 deliveries are not commingling into a single invoice. Means not able to create single invoice using both delivery notes.

He said, u201CThe split is happening in include RV60C901 based upon the vbrk-zukri value which is being populated in the perform "split_on_header_text". The thing is I do not know why this is the case - both of these DNs do not have any header text that is different.

Can you please help me look into why these split.

You can use VF01 and enter these 2 DN #s 6073122213 and 6073122212 in 2 different lines and choose the save icon. This will allow you to get to this code.

If you execute all the way through you will create an invoice. You can cancel this using VF11 (with the # that came up after full execution and the number 1 before that number) again by putting in the 2 new #s and choosing save.

Once this is cancelled you can go back to the VF01 step with the 6073122213 and 6073122212 doc #su201D.

Ho can I find out why ?

The coding perform split_on_header_text includes ztable selection :

*Get a list of text elements the program should check for

select *

appending corresponding fields of table t_zsplittext

from zsplittext " Texts ID's checked for splitting/combining

where vkorg = vbrk-vkorg and" Sales Organisation

zzenhancno = 'VD-06' and" Enhancement name

tdobject = 'VBBK' and" Texts used within VD-06

zzactive <> ''. " The record should be active