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Calendar Month Characteristic (Analytics - C4C) - Showing Created On?

Apr 11 at 09:51 AM


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I am trying to create a dashboard that shows the number of tickets, per agent that were resolved during a given calendar month.

I have the following elements in my column chart:

Selection: Resolved On: Last 3 Months to Today

Rows: Calendar Month

Columns: Key Figure: Counter and Agent

This is showing me the number of tickets per agent per month that were created not resolved. Furthermore it is showing me items which were created in October, November and December when the selection criteria should be filtering this out.

Can someone please explain whether the Calendar Month characteristic is permanently positioned to count Created On time stamp or whether I am doing something incorrect? Or can someone explain how I can make Resolved On Date group the entries into Months rather than individual dates.

Screen shots will show the chart elements above and I have included the table count view where you can see examples where resolved on date was in February however its being counted against Calendar Month January as that's when the ticket was created.

Many thanks


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2 Answers

Marlon Grawer
Apr 16 at 07:42 PM

Hello Jessica,

The characteristic "Calendar Month" seems to be counting based on "Created On" date, just as you suggested.

If my understanding is correct, you are looking to display in a dashboard the total Tickets per each month they were Resolved, rather than created. To achieve this, you should use a characteristic that counts based on "Resolved On" date. If there is not a standard characteristic which brings you this data, you may then need to create a custom field to achieve this - in this case your Implementation Partner could help.

Hope this helps clarifying the scenario a little further.


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Hi Marlon.

Thanks so much for posting a reply! This definitely gets me closer to where I need to be.

So I have the characteristic 'Resolved On' as per your suggestion in this report also however the challenge I face is that it is counting the individual dates in the table (i.e. each resolved on date, '01/04/2018', '02/04/2018' rather than 'April'). You are correct as per your understanding above that I wish to group these by month but I cannot see an option anywhere for this in settings for either characteristic. Attached images show the options I have available to me, I have attempted using Results Row for both characteristic but I cannot seem to 'hide' (Do Not Show) the Description/ID for Resolved On.

I hope this provides some extra information and you (or another member of the community) will be able to help me further. Apologies if there is a guide somewhere which explains this but what I've read seems to be designed for 'engineers' rather than customers in a practical sense trying to use it in anger!

Kind regards



PS. Had to add my attachments to the original question as it wouldnt save them in the comment.

Jessica Roberts Apr 16 at 03:52 PM

@felipe.fraga - my account is saying you updated my question. Did you have an answer or was it just a terminilogy adjustment?



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