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Sep 22, 2008 at 07:19 PM

Content Server using MaxDB 7.6


Dear all:

I am running ECC5.0 using Oracle 10g and also running EHS module. Since EHS contribute the data growth 15 times faster than other SAP modules total, I decide to move EHS MSDS (pdf files, etc..) to content server using MaxDB 7.6 in order to slow down the data groth. I have set up the content server and the connection between SAP and content server is fine.

I can also move the pdf files from SAP into content server and I can also access the pdf files after I moved it to content server.

However, I would like to verify the pdf files in the content server MaxDB. Is anyway I can find out where is the data stored in the content server MaxDB? how can I find out the table name that the data stored? Like oracle, I can find out the table and run SQL to retrieve the record. I believe MaxDB come with SQL studio that should be to do something similar but I just don't know how to approach it. Thanks.