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How can I access a web server from a stored procedure?


I need to configure a comunication from Adaptive Server Enterprise to a db2 database using a Web Server.

The process start in a stored procedure (ASE) and need to update information that is on the db2.

Can you give some examples?, Do I need to configure a WS in ASE as a bridge to the WS in DB2? or the sp can Access it directly (RPC)?


Luz Rodriguez

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2 Answers

  • Oct 12, 2017 at 10:20 PM

    One possible (albeit convoluted and expensive) method would see you passing the info from ASE to DB2 via the SAP/Sybase Replication Server (SRS) product.

    I'm thinking you could pass the desired info to a ASE stored proc (that's been marked for replication out of ASE); SRS would then pass the stored proc invocation (along with input parameters/values) to DB2.

    A 'few' catches ...

    - SRS costs $$$ (for the baseline SRS product, plus some hardware (cpu, RAM, disk) resources)

    - replicating into DB2 will cost even more $$$ (for the SRS/Heterogenous replication option)

    - SRS (and in particular hetero rep) has a moderate learning curve (more $$$ for training and/or additional DBA/resource?)

    - you'll be adding more 'moving parts' and some additional complexity to your environment (eg, monitoring, troubleshooting, etc)


    So, likely not a realistic solution for your situation ... unless you already happen to have SRS in house ...

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  • Oct 12, 2017 at 08:11 PM


    There is no direct link for SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) to DB2. You need something inbetween. There is something called DirectConnect and or Mainframe Connect. This can connect to oracle, ase, db2, mssql and replication.

    There is HANA that can connect to db2 and ase, it has some of the same technology as Direct Connect.You would have to purchase these products.
    What I see a lot of is someone creating an application that pulls the data out to a file of one database and then using that file they port it into the other database.
    There might other 3rd party tools that so something similar.

    Dawn Kim

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