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Former Member
Sep 22, 2008 at 03:54 PM

Importing of the planning data from external system addit. to the planning


Hello Experts,

i would implement the following business scenario, could you please make some suggesions ...

The users are planning some data using IP in Excel.

In addition to the manual planning they should have the possibility to import the data form the external system.

I would implement the basic cube with the same structure as the planning cube and implement the data loading process to import the data from another system. Subsequently i have to import the loaded data from the basic cube into the planning cube (via standard IP Copy function).

This 2 steps could be combined in the process chain that will be executed on user demand.

(it seems to be the way SAP recommends to do it).

I see following problems in this scenario:

1. is there a proper way to transfer the user parameters to the process chain?

2. the user that is working on data locks it at the moment he starts importing process,

this lock would prevent the copy function to import the data.

3. is there some way to implement starting of the process chain from within IP Excel application?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance,