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Sep 22, 2008 at 02:28 PM

SAP Basis Security in sales order Pricing - Help required



My requirement goes like this:

The ability to view cost and margin should be restricted

The ability to add discounts and update price should be restricted

Sales Directors, Sales Managers, Revenue Recognition and members of the Sales Ops team will be allowed to view cost and margin

Sales Directors will have the ability to add controlled discounts (i.e. up to a pre-defined % value)

Sales Ops will have the ability to add discounts without restriction

Sales Ops will have the ability to maintain price overrides

These are governed by Condition types such as PR00 etc., can you control it by using Authorization objects in sales order Item Condition tab for the particular USER?

In T.code: V/06

For E.., EK01/EK02.double click on it....You can find a sub screen "Changes which can be made". There u can enable whatever required by tick marking ...e.g., amount, value, delete etc.,

Pricing procedure will be normally designed for a sales AREA and group of customers/Documents.

Condition type values are stored in the form of condition record by using T.code: VK11. It is stored in table KONV and KONP.

So, actually client needs like:

Some users should NOT be allowed to change the price/discount.

Also some are to shown in DISPLAY mode only.

Some can add some conditions types too.

Is it possible through SAP BASIS security?

I am waiting for your valuable suggestions.