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Sep 22, 2008 at 01:58 PM

To prompt or not to prompt


To let you know from the beginning, I'm a newbie to anything but a straight forward report. I've used version 10 in the past and now I'm using XI. I'm mainly a VB6 programmer and an Oracle and SQL Server DBA.

I've been running reports for management for a while that generate ticket data from our Oracle DB Call Tracking system for the previous month. It's not problem for me to run since I just go in each month and change the selection criteria and the heading to match the previous month. Now, I've created a VB6 application that will allow management to run these reports without having to bother me.

The question is, should I set these reports up, somehow hard coded, to pull the data from the previous month or prompt the user for the date range?

The problem using a date range prompt is that there is around 5 years of data in the DB and the pull down the prompt uses doesn't list anywhere near the previous month. It stops about 3 years ago and I can't figure out how to let the user type in the date or to get the pull down to go past 2005.

If I hard code the report to always pull the previous month (which I think would be best) how do I go about that. I did create a formula field "monthname(month(currentdate)-1)" to do the heading of the report and I'm working on putting the year in the heading but need to get it to work when the report is run in January.

What would be the best why to do the selection for ticket to grab all tickets open from the first day to the last day of last month.

Thanks for helping out a newbie..

Mike Godwin