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Old REQs Causing Orders to Print Zero

Hello and good morning,

We are discovering items that we physically have in the warehouse but are printing out "0" on the orders. I am told we have at least 12 of these items that we are aware of, and there are more likely more. A vivid example we are experiencing issues with item #1000208 (Scraper Blades). The system was showing 134 but we physically counted 34, when we discovered this issue over a month ago. After multiple cycle counts and research we took out 100 to make the system reflect what we physically had. We had STO # 9518005946 come up and it was printing "0" for item #1000208 even though we physically had 34 in the warehouse. When we did research we noticed that there were 4 old orders for delivery that printed but were never posted from 2008 totaling 98. Our clerks at the office said that they adjusted this number to reflect an additional 100 over, cleaner number than 98, just so orders can print and it would balance out the variance from the old orders. I am being asked by the clerks and section attendants to add the "phantom" numbers reflecting the old orders so that the orders can print out the other items. So, we are adding up the totals from the old orders and making the adjustment on the material number just so the items won't print zeros. Is there a way to close out previous orders from previous years so we will stop having these issues?

Old Orders Dates (No Req Number or Delivery Number Showing):

  • 4/16/2008 for 1
  • 7/22/2008 for 6
  • 7/30/2008 for 1
  • 9/23/2008 for 90

Thank you

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