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Sep 22, 2008 at 12:24 PM

Cost for Product Cost Collector



I would like to cost one of cost collector for material in KKF6N.

I have material it is material type HALB. In KKF6N I have entries:

Cstg variant planned - PREM,

Cstg variant actual - PPP3,

Costing sheet - PP-PC1

Result analysis key - 000003

other fileds I have empty no value.

I click on Cost icon, and after this I get Error message in protocol like below

1. Consumption account cannot be determined.

2. Costing items for material xxx in plant xxx without cost element.

3. Cost component split costed with value of zero.

Details for 1. are:


During automatic account determination, the system could not find a consumption account with the following criteria:

Chart of accounts : CAPL

Transaction : GBB

Valuation/acct modification : /VBR

Valuation class : 3000


Go into Customizing and check the settings for account determination.

For 2. are:


The itemization for material 300000051 in plant ZZAR contains valuation-relevant items without a cost element.

System Response

The costs of these item(s) cannot be included in the cost component split. This means that there will be inconsistencies between the cost component split and the itemization.


Check the log for further system messages for material 300000051 in plant ZZAR. Correct the error and carry out costing again.

Can anybody help me with these errors. Where I should check everything in customization to work for this in correct way?