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Hi, i have a requirement ,to enhance a standard component

I have a requirement where i need to enhance the standard component ,where if manager logs into the system should be able to view all the activity created by the employees under him, and if an employee logs into the system he should be able to view only his activity which he created.

Help me out with the logic how can this be done ,

which standard component to be enhanced and how to differentiate between an manager or and employee .

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  • Hi Chandan,

    One approach to solve this requirement that I can suggest is using the Access Control Engine (ACE), since it does what you need: you define (with configuration / some implementation) which users see which business objects. Since this is directly used by 1Order Framework, both UI and APIs (BAPIs/FMs) will apply this filter.

    I'm guessing the manager and employee positions they are mentioning are the ones defined in PPOMA_CRM transaction, so it's a start point to find the answer to this differentiation.

    I can't assist any further since I never implemented ACE (yet I think it's a better way to achieve this requirement than enhancing the component) and it's been a good time since I needed to query some PPOMA data and I can't remember by now; that's why I'm just commenting instead of giving an answer to your question.


  • Even im not familiar with ACE, ill go through that concept and try it out

    Thank You,

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