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SAP Analytics Cloud - Change Import Data Source for an existing SAC model

Apr 11 at 02:29 AM


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I have an existing SAC model that was created from BPC. This had a Target and Source Model and a BPC connection from the first build. Subsequently I have deleted the connection and created a new connection. I would like to use this new connection for the existing SAC model (as I have put a lot of stories on top of this model). However this does not seem possible

If I navigate to my model in SAC --> Import Data --> Import Data from SAP BPC

Taget Model --> model name ------- I cannot find my model. It appears I cannot create a connection for an existing SAC model?



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2 Answers

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Henry Banks
Apr 11 at 10:39 AM

Hi Graham,

Can you restore the file (connection? ) by going Files > Deleted files ?

How about if you go: Browse > Models > (search for your model here) .. tick the row .. then 'import data from bpc' in the dropdown ..

In the next dialog, you can 'create new connection' before mapping this connection to the existing BPC model.

good luck !

regards, H

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does this make sense?

zig.png (121.2 kB)

Thanks H


Hi Graham,

You cannot import data / change the connection for a "BPC writeback" model.

Tammy Powlas
Apr 11 at 09:38 AM

Hi Graham - I am not using BPC; that said I think the target model is there but you can barely see it (in my experience) -see below

Could you double-check?

grahamtarget.jpg (8.8 kB)
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