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Sep 22, 2008 at 09:10 AM

Production start date.


Dear SAP Friends,

The case as follows,

One finish product required 10 operations.

I have created one production order for 100 qty.

When i see the operation overview at CO02,it shows me the total Time required for operation 1 i.e operation 1 start from date 22/09/08 & complited at 24/09/08.

Then the operation 2 start as on date 24/0908.

In this way other time calculation goes on.

But practically,one piece flow is going on. piece take for 1st operation,after complition it gose for 2nd operation at next m/c.& so on upto 10th operation.

In this case start time for second opertion is 2min later than 1st operation.

So please tell How can I map that,the start time for each operation will be 2 min later the previous operation?

How to achive the practical suituation in SAP?

Please Reply.