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Internal Order Budget Exceeded while posting a journal?

Here is the Configuration we have set:

IMG-->Controlling-->Internal Orders-->Budgeting and Availability Control--> Maintain Budget Profile: Time Frame - Pat 1 Future 3 Start 0 Total and Annual values checked.

Exch Rate M Activation Type 1 Budget Currency is Object Currency

--> Define Tolerance Limits and Availability Control : Availability Control Group ++

Availability Control Action(two lines) 1 with Usage 90 and Absolute variance of 0.00 for USD. Second line is 3 with Usage 100 and Absolute variance of 0.00 USD

OB64 is set to 10% Max Diff Between Exchange Rates

Controlling Area Currency is USD. Two difference Company Codes have CNY & EUR currency respectively.

While posting a journal entry to an order in China(CNY) the post gives a warning that the USD amount is exceeds budget by $143 but it still allows me to post the journal.

While posting in the German Company Code using EUR an ERROR is triggered when the USD amount is over budget by $16,525 which is less than 10% over but this will not allow a posting.

My question is what tolerance am I missing that is causing a block from posting in the German Company Code but allowing the China company code to post the overage?

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3 Answers

  • Apr 11, 2018 at 01:59 PM


    1. China is set up the same way as Germany. The company code currency is CNY but the Controlling Area Currency is USD. THe problem is being generated in the Controlling area document. This company decided not to maintian additional local currencies so it's not impacting the FI side of the odcument.

    2. The amount being post in EUR for Germany is the full budget amount. It's calculating a difference in the USD amount for the Controlling document.

    In the China COmpany Code it allowed a posting with the overage but in the German company code it's generating an error and will not allow posting. I'm thinking there is another tolerance that is company code specific I may be missing. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Apr 11, 2018 at 06:37 AM

    You are managing the Budget control in Object currency.

    1. China Order: If my understanding is correct, while posting to this order, you had the budget in CNY though it was exceeding in USD. This might be because of the exchange rate differences. Since you had budget available in Object currency, system allowed you to post it.

    2. Germany Order: In this case, the budget seems to be exceeded in both the Currencies of EUR and USD. Since the budget control is happening in the Object currency, it did not allow you to post it.

    I might be wrong but please check it once.



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  • Apr 12, 2018 at 02:00 PM

    Issue has been resolved. China Company Code and German Company Code were using a different Budget Profile. In the China profile the Availability Control Action that generates an error was actually set for usage of 110 so anything that was less than 10% over the budget was being post. In the German profile the error usage line was 100 so it blocked all overages from posting. We've decided the budget profile with the Usage 110 will be used for both company codes.

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