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Sep 22, 2008 at 05:43 AM

Table control resolution in BDC




I have one doubt regarding table control resolution in BDC .I know how to handle table control like if i have 5 rows in my TABLE CONTROL.I write the logic according to this rows and if more than 5 rows are there in my flat file i extend the atble control.But this logic will fail in some other system if more than 5 rows are there in that syatem. But I have read from some where that we can use ctu_params structure and if we pass default size as 'x' then it automatically take cares in every sysem.But my doubt is while writing the code initially how can we write ie i mean how many rows i have to mention initially in my logic .

Please tell me the answer to this question if you have already face this type of problem.

Thanks and regards