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Sep 21, 2008 at 05:42 PM

ChaRM: Several Transport layers



We would like to implement ChaRM for the 3 tier landscape (DEV:100 --> QAS:200 --> PRD:100) with several transport layers and transport routes:

a) u201CZDEVu201D u2013 Standard transport layer

b) u201CSAPu201D u2013 SAP transport layer

c) u201CYCSTu201D u2013 transport layer for internal customizing

d) u201CZEXTu201D u2013 transport layer for external vendor

The problem we have is that transports within ChaRM are supported in the standard transport layer of each client.

It means that the transport requests of transport layers u201CYCSTu201D and u201CZEXTu201D that are non-standard transport layer will be ignored by CHaRM.

Has some one of you experience with configuration of ChaRM with several transport layers and can give an advice what is the best solution in my case?

Possible solutions:

a) Creation of additional clients in DEV system and assigning them other standard transport layer (e.g. DEV:200 gets u201CYCSTu201D, DEV:300 gets u201CZEXTu201D as standard transport layer)

Then it should be possible to create three maintenance projects:

1) MP1: (DEV:100 --> QAS:200 --> PRD:100) with transport layer u201CZDEVu201D

2) MP2: (DEV:200 --> QAS:200 --> PRD:100) with transport layer u201CYCSTu201D

3) MP3: (DEV:300 --> QAS:200 --> PRD:100) with transport layer u201CZEXTu201D

b) Migration of all the non-standard layers to standard transport layer.

c) Separation of ChaRM and none-ChaRM transport layers (TMS)

It would be great to get some feedback/suggestions/input

Thank you very much indeed!