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Is there a complete procedure to configure 64-bit SAP BW drivers & SNC on BI 4.1?


We're trying to upgrade from BI 4.1 SP3 FP2 to SP8 FP2 (and to SP7 FP4 previously) and during our tests, we always encounter BW connectivity issues:
- In Universe Design Tool and Information Design Tool, all our BW connections are configured with "Use Single-Sign On" authentication mode.
- Webi using UNV on Bex queries using SNC would work, but not Webi using BICS with STS.
- If we disabled SNC in CMC Authentication, Webi using BICS with STS would work, but Webi using UNV on Bex queries using SNC would then stop working.

We did some searching and found notes indicating that a security change was done since BI 4.1 SP3:

2352051 - Receive error accessing SSO connection in IDT after patch on BI 4.x

2319010 - Analysis Workspaces fail after upgrading to BI 4.1 Patch 5.13 / 6.7 / 7.2 or SP08 or newer

2271897 - We cannot see this one... Not released yet :-)

According to these notes, it appears that we're now using "legacy" (32-bit) BW drivers and SNC, and a security fix was created "to encrypt STS with SNC". And we should now use 64-bit BW drivers and SNC.

We also found a reference about that change in the Data Access Guide 4.1 SP8, section 7.11:

We found the following notes about configuring 64-bit SAP BW drivers and sapcrypto.dll:

1954202 - HOW-TO: Configuring SNC using the COMMONCRYPTOLIB library found on the SMP

2098464 - SNC using 64 bit SAPCrypto or CommonCryptoLib DLLs fail in Newly Installed BI4.1 Environment

1756239 - How do you improve robustness of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x Servers responsible for processing Web Intelligence documents based on UNV Universes against SAP Client BAPI (BW) queries?

32 bit and 64 bit SAPCRYTPO DLLs on BI 4.1 for Crystal and WEBI reports scheduling

But after many trials and errors with SAP support, we're still unable to have SNC and STS working:
- Webi using UNV on Bex queries using SNC: "unable to connect to SAP BW server Incomplete logon data"
- Webi using BICS with STS: com.businessobjects.sdk.core.server.CommunicationException$UnexpectedServerException: Failed to connect to the OLAP source.
- When trying to browse from Webi:
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: com.businessobjects.sdk.core.server.CommunicationException$UnexpectedServerException: [[error.openSapBwBrowsingSessionFailed] 0] <<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><ConnectionString>

In the CPIC logs, we get this error:
[Thr 9032] SncInit(): Trying user/application supplied as a
[Thr 9032] gssapi library name: "E:\SAP BusinessObjects\CRYPTO\64\sapcrypto.dll".
[Thr 9032] DlLoadLib success: LoadLibrary("E:\SAP BusinessObjects\CRYPTO\64\sapcrypto.dll"), hdl 0, addr 000007FEE24A0000
[Thr 9032] using "E:\SAP BusinessObjects\CRYPTO\64\sapcrypto.dll"
[Thr 9032] DlLoadFunc failed GetProcAddress("sapsnc_init_adapter") from "E:\SAP BusinessObjects\CRYPTO\64\sapcrypto.dll"
[Thr 9032] with error 127 = "The specified procedure could not be found."
[Thr 9032] DlLoadFunc successful GetProcAddress("gss_acquire_cred") from "E:\SAP BusinessObjects\CRYPTO\64\sapcrypto.dll"

In short, our 64-bit SAP BW drivers and sapcrypto.dll configuration is incomplete/incorrect...

Some questions:
1) Does anyone has successfully configured a "32-bit legacy SNC" to 64-bit SAP BW drivers and 64-bit Sapcrypto SCN?
2) Is there a complete step-by-step "32-bit to 64-bit" procedure? Because reading the different notes, we're not sure what is the exact and complete procedure...

Thanks in advance!!!

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2 Answers

  • Nov 02, 2016 at 01:36 PM

    This looks like the correct KBA, as you cannot mix 32 and 64 Bit Drivers.
    If any additional documentation is used, the CommonCryptoLib Implementation is the correct one.

    2098464 - SNC using 64 bit SAPCrypto or CommonCryptoLib DLLs fail in Newly Installed BI4.1 Environment

    Best Regards Roland

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    Former Member
    Nov 02, 2016 at 10:27 PM

    Thanks Roland !

    We'll look at this new note and the CommonCryptoLib Implementation documentation.


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