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GR for a Dismantle Scenario

Hi Experts,

I have a scenario here in which I trying to do dismantling process for a client. For dismantling I have already done the following operations

  • I have created a separate Order Type for Dismantling
  • I have Create a Ref operation set for dismantling operation.
  • Created an order using CO07 without ref to any material with the order type and the ref opn
  • In the component over view I have entered the finished product with positive qty, and the semi finished qty in negative.
  • Released the order and confirmed it as well. Now I am not able to do the GR for the order as MIGO and MB31 is not allowing the same as the order does not have header material.

Please can you guide me how the stock of the items can be affected as the GR is not being done. Am I doing something wrong in the above steps.

Thanks in advance,

Abhishek Ashish

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2 Answers

  • Apr 10, 2018 at 04:16 AM


    When the product is dismantled why you want to do GR for header material ???. When product is dismantled no stock of the material is reflected and then why you want to do GR ?. Stock of the header material is consumed before dismantling with movement type 261 as you have added this header material as one of the component.



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    • Hi Kumar,

      I have tried the steps mentioned by you and I was able to do the confirmation as well. The Semi Finished parts B and C were added to the stock but after confirmation the finished product A quantity was not reduced from the stock.

      For B and C it worked fine but for the finished product A the Stock value was same before and after conformation. Please can you suggest on this.



  • Apr 10, 2018 at 02:42 PM


    Usually, in the dismantle scenario, you can add the component with a negative quantity on the production order and post the goods receipt as a by-product during the confirmation.


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