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Is there a way to do multiple conditional formatting within SAP Webi 4.2?

Apr 09 at 08:13 PM


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I am having issue when I use the WebI conditional formatting to try and create a condense monthly targets . For example, I have a variable that computes the data in FYTD column. However, some of the data is a total, or a median time, or an average depending on the row. I need to create conditional formats for the below monthly targets. When I do create all the months into one conditional format and my current month to data data displays up to March (i.e. Oct to March), the March data does not display the conditional format, the background returns no color but based on the condition format the color should be yellow if my March total is 29. I tried to perform something similar using the e-fashion universe. However, when I add the month to the FYTD column there is no conditional formatting. If I take the month away, I am able to get a conditional format. However, the FYTD column totals and conditional formatting could change and new target/conditional formatting will need to be captured.

A Sample was done using the e-fashion universe for Jan -Mar and a FYTD sum column with the March targets Blue between 0;200000, Green between 200001;250000, yellow between 250001;350000 and Red >= 350001

If I check the March and Apr Conditional formatting box the below happens which does not show the right targets for April

As the e-fashion crosstable now displays April data the FYTD total are now based on new conditional formats where Blue between 0;240000, Green between 240001;270000, Yellow between 270001;370000 and Red >=370001 but I had to remove the Month name in the below conditional format to get the formula to work; If I add the month name of April the conditional format does not work. Also If I add another conditional format with different targets for another month, the targets does not work. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this to work as I need for reporting on a monthly basis? Or perhaps, we are trying to do something that the SAP Webi does not allow and should only report the FYTD as a true FYTD target (not a rolling conditional targets/formatting) which we did in the March and April month columns in the examples.

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2 Answers

Apr 09 at 08:15 PM

Have you tried with creating Rule in webi?

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Yes, when I create the rule in Webi, the March data does not perform the conditional format even when I have it listed.

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It seems issue is with calendar month abbr condition.less than or equal to operator work with numeric data type but in value you have selected string data type “Mar”.

Just to check select operator equal to here and see if that will work or not.

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Sorry, the recommended change did not work. Thanks

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Former Member Apr 10 at 08:29 PM

Hi All,

I figured out the issue. Basically using the e-fashion universe, I had to create another variable to max the month and place the month variable in a new row under the Sum:FYTD, then I had to add the Max month variable to the conditional format to capture the correct month number, next, I compiled the months into one conditional format.

Now the below has the correct conditional formats when based on the rolling month for a FYTD column with different targets set.

Thanks everyone for reviewing an offering a possible solution.

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