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free goods

hi all

can anyone please tell me the relation between the NA00, R100 and NRAB condition types.

regards rag

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2 Answers

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    Sep 20, 2008 at 12:43 PM

    Hi Tarun,

    I'll define all these 3 for u as per my knowledge, I think that will help u:

    NA00: This is d Condition Type v use to define free goods discount type using d path Logistics ---> Sales and distribution ---> Master data ---> Conditions ---> Free goods.

    There u can define d condition records depending on d combination on which discount will depend n further furnish the details e.g Material, Minimum quantity, Unit of measure, Free goods qty, Calculation rule etc.

    R100: is then used in SPRO, it's made a part of the Pricing Procedure 2 make the value of free of charge item '0'. Plz c NA00 was never a part of Prcing Procedure and isn't defined in SPRO as well.

    NRAB: This condition type is used when u want to create inclusive free goods without item generation i.e when u r using the inclusive free goods function, the system creates two items after you enter the order quantity and release the data:

    The first item with the order quantity less the free goods quantity

    The second item as a free goods item with the free goods quantity

    This feature of 2nd item coming separately as free good is called item generation which has certain drawbacks e.g Customer req. r not obvious, 1 can;t c full delivery of the required quantity, d document volume is increased etc. Thus to avoid these drawbacks we avoid item generation we use NRAB in the pricing procedure. It's a part of the std. pricing procedure RVAA01.

    Hope I m abl 2 clear ur doubts 2 some extent at least 😊



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    Sep 21, 2008 at 05:46 AM

    Hi there,

    NA00 is defined is when you are maintaining the free goods determiantion procedure. It is a condition type for free goods. You will maintain NA00 condition records in such a way that of the customer orders 100 items, you will give him 10 items as free. You will assignthe free goods to a sales area combination as you do for pricing procedure.

    R100 is a condition type that you define in pricing procedure. It will apply 100% discount for the free goods item. Like if your order has 2 free items, system will apply 100% discount on that free goods sothat the value of those 2 items remain 0.

    NRAB is another condition type that you will define in free goods determiantion for inclusive scenarios. For eg if you define that for 100 items the customer buys, 10 goods as inclusive free goods, then in the sales order, NRAB will split into 2 line items.

    Line item 10 as 90 wuantity. Line item 20 as 10 quantity which are free. Here R100 is appliued on line item 20.



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