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Sep 20, 2008 at 08:16 AM

How XI sends the synchornize messages to the receiver via the ABAP proxy


Hi experts,

I have some assumptions according to my understandings in XI, please take a look and correct me if some are wrong.

1. the messages will not make use of the inbound queue and outbound queue in the integration engine as it's in synchronize mode, these queue are for EO/EOIO messages

2. if the sync messages don't use of the queues, does that mean the integration engine send the messages immediately once the pipeline services completed?

3. as we are using the ABAP proxies for the receiver system, the integration engine will send the messages to receiver directly via the http protocol instead of sending them to adapter engine, can we config the max connections for this http connection?

4. which will cause the pipeline step 'call_adapter' to take much long time?