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Sep 20, 2008 at 04:55 AM

Upload of Open Project in PS


Dear All,

I need to upload the open project is PS. but, i have follwoing quires in this -

How to upload a open project??

Do we need to make seprate project profiles for same??

My clint is having legcy system. I cant upload data from that dirctly into PS stru. In that case what I need to do??

Do we need to make a separte BDC or need to use LSMW for it??.

what to do incase there are different types of actvities??

what are the data we can upload in project??(i.e. only actvity and WBS or all the data related actual date so on....during upload of open project)

Since client is having more that 100 open project let me know you comments and guideline on this part??

Hoping for positive replay from you all.

Thanks and Regards,

Atul R. Rajmane