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Sep 19, 2008 at 08:13 PM

Full & Half Day Leave deduction from the same Absence Quota Type


Dear Sir,

I am working on SAP ERP Enterprise Edition v 4.7. I need to create SICK LEAVES so that I am able to create both full day and half day leave records for employees in Infotype 2001.

The above said functionality is present in system but the problem is that if there is a 1/2 Day quota balance remaining for that employee, the system does not allow to save the entry in infotype 2001 and gives the following message:

Note: Leave entitlement is negative

Message no. RP325

Please also suggest how to create quota for an employee on the basis of working days. For example, 15 Working Days = 1 Sick Leave. (The Leaves without Pay will not be considered as Working Days)