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Sep 19, 2008 at 05:23 PM

Is it possible to change an IDOC and save on the same IDOC number..?


Hi all,

I have an IDOC. When I processed the IDOC, it ended up with error status '51'. There was some problem with the data. So, I changed the data and reprocessed using the T-Code 'WE19' and it was processed successfully. When we reprocess the IDOC using 'WE19', it generates another IDOC number. But, the client is asking that, it should not generate another IDOC number. When we change the IDOC number, it should be saved under the same(ORIGINAL) IDOC number. Is it possible to change an IDOC and save under the same number..? Is there any transaction code to do so. Please give your valuable inputs.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks & regards,