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Sep 19, 2008 at 02:58 PM

Problem with notification of absence Demo worflow -SWXF



I have a problem using the SAP notification of absence demo workflow.

IN SAp documentation, several steps are mandatory before you one can use this test demonstration workflow :

- setting up organizatio plan

- performing task specific custoi

- adminsitration of Shared Office Settings.

I have done all these steps. When I use the SWXF transaction, it starts the Workflow as required ( I have an item in the workflow folder of my business Workplace).

After Five minutes, I see the message telling me that the notification of absence hasn't been accepted by one of the superior.

Before these 2 points, if I use the superior account, there is nothing in corresponding Business Workplace. I suppose there must be a form asking to accept or reject the notification of absence.

So, I suppose that the customizing of organization plan isn't really good. Sound logic because I know nothing about RH transaactions and I have done like a noob.

Next is what I see in PPOME transaction, can you telle me what is wrong ?

Structural Unit

..|-Position A (With red chief Icon)

......|-Job (The one linked to 30000016 task)

......|- User (the chief i suppose)

..|-Poste B

......|- User (Me)

What is wrong in this organization ?

Thanks for help,