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Former Member
Sep 19, 2008 at 02:12 PM

XI Whitepaper on practical scenarios and capabilities?


Hi All,

I am looking out for a an XI Whitepaper which has some crisp details about what can be done with XI. Maybe what scenarios are best served with XI. ( Have seen glossy SAP slides, but want some practical advise/details which can be implemented technically)

Curently this forum has wealth of information about HOW-TO-Implement technical details, but I failed to find many threads which talk about what all scenarios its possible to accomplish with file-to-file, xml-to-IDOC , XI connecting to www, or internet to XI, etc etc. I am interested in knowing the scenarios/capabilities and an TYPICAL issues that we might face in these scenarios.

I am fairly a newbie to XI so wanted to know XI more in broader perspective rather than just a File-to-Idoc kind of software 😊

So am just trying to weigh in the perspective/ knowledge about XI at a broader level rather than an How-to approach . Hope you experts can throw some light on this.

Many thanks