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Sep 19, 2008 at 02:04 PM

How to Fetch a data from HR Master Tables?



For all employees who have Infotype 0194 records valid in the time period or payroll period selected who have the vendor selected on the selection screen, you have to read the payroll results and find the Garnishment document in the GRORD if it exists. If a time period is selected, you must search for all payroll results with a check date that falls in that time period. If a payroll period is selected, search for that particular payroll and any off-cycle payroll whose check date falls between the begin date and end date of that pay period.

Once you searched IT 0194 for Employees (EE) with the Garnishment Vendor selected and then found the payroll results to process, you must search through payroll internal GRDOC and find the same vendor. If the vendor is found, search the payroll Results Table (RT) for the V0 split which matches the GRDOC record. Then use this amount(s) for the Deduction Amount field.

I have to fetch the Deduction amount according to the given Scenario,and I have to create an Outbound Interface Program to which creates an TXt file in Client Application server with Required fields

Case Number:


Social Security Number:


Employee First Name:


Employee Last Name:


Deduction Amount:

Payroll Results RT

Can any one pls know me the entire procedure how to fetch the deduction amt based on the given scenario and what r the select statements i have to write to fetch required fields listed above.