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Sep 19, 2008 at 01:11 PM

Vehicle search enhancements to include iobject Z set types



Could anyone tell me whether it is possible, or comment upon, the idea of using/enhancing the standard vehicle search function module (/DBM/VM01_VEHICLE_SEARCH) to include customer defined Z IOBJECT data?

There are a number of BAdIu2019s available to influence the vehicle search however I am not sure if any of them quite seem to cover this. Currently if you try passing a Z table as an entry in the search criteria table (IT_SEARCHCRIT) you get a termination because a subsequent FM (VELO14_GUID_SELECT) looks for the vehicle field VGUID however set types use a different field (PRODUCT_GUID).

If the standard search function could incorporate customer set types then it would greatly help with modularisation and search optimisation.