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Automatic lead creation due to a lead score

Apr 11 at 12:00 AM


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Hi, experts.

I´m using sales campaigns, so i want to automatically create leads when a member of my target group open the mail being sent.

I´ve configured as follows:

1. Created and activated an e-mail template which category is "Updates":

2. I´ve created and activated a lead score in which (as per my understanding) i set conditions to increase by 10 points everytime a customer opens the e-mail wich category is "Updates", and that for every engagement score greater than 1 point, a lead will be created:

3. I create and activate a campaign sending an e-mail template wich cathegory is "Updates":

4. I execute the campaign and one member of the target group sees the e-mail:

But no leads created:

Am i missing something?

Please help me experts.


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Sahil Joshi Jun 26 at 01:42 PM

Hi Angel,

May your issue would have got solved by now, you have not shared screenshot of the build part of the campaign.

I believe the mails triggered from campaign would be handled by the BUILD rules.

Best Regards

Sahil Joshi

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Hi Sahil, thanks for your answer.

that´s correct, it was solved with the built screen into campaign. I forgot to share the asnwer.