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Use of Virtual Data in BPC Embedded

Hi Folks,

This question relates to BPC 10.1 embedded (actually, BPC Optimized for S/4 HANA).

Is it necessary to physically store data in BW to use it in Planning Functions (e.g. FOX)?

For example, if I have some headcount data sitting off in an HR system, and I want to multiply this by some plan rates I entered in BPC, saving the results in BPC.

In my example, I do not want to bring the Headcount data into BPC via ETL.

Is this type of approach supported? Recommended?
If so, how is it technically accomplished?

Kind Regards,


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2 Answers

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    Apr 11, 2018 at 01:46 PM

    Hey Elliott!
    You can do that in Embedded (and it was already possible with the old BW IP).

    The traditional solution is to use a Virtual cube or aDSO (depending on your BW version) which can be based on ABAP, DB connect, etc...

    If you already have the data in S/4, you could create a open ODS View based on your tables, and insert it in a composite provider together with your planning cube. In FOX you can work with the Infoprovider dimension, and specify the result to be ODS_view * rates in BPC.

    In terms of recommendation, it really depends on your data volume, armonisation, etc...
    But if you just need to replicate data in from S/4, you will benefit from the virtual model.

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    • Yes, you can create a Virtual cube, and read directly from the external DB.

      You need to create a source system in BW to connect to the DB, and then a transformation and DTP for direct access.

      Note that this is an old object, and it's probably going to be replaced with an open ODS view, though I don't remember if you can read from another DB with the open ODS.

  • Apr 10, 2018 at 11:16 PM

    Fox formulas can definitely read data from virtual info cubes.

    I am actually working in process where both info providers involved are type virtual; One is reading data from ACDOCP via HANA and writing data back via ABAP, and the other is reading and writing from/to a series of CO tables via BAPI.

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