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Use of Virtual Data in BPC Embedded

Apr 10 at 09:38 PM


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Hi Folks,

This question relates to BPC 10.1 embedded (actually, BPC Optimized for S/4 HANA).

Is it necessary to physically store data in BW to use it in Planning Functions (e.g. FOX)?

For example, if I have some headcount data sitting off in an HR system, and I want to multiply this by some plan rates I entered in BPC, saving the results in BPC.

In my example, I do not want to bring the Headcount data into BPC via ETL.

Is this type of approach supported? Recommended?
If so, how is it technically accomplished?

Kind Regards,


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2 Answers

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federico blarasin Apr 11 at 01:46 PM

Hey Elliott!
You can do that in Embedded (and it was already possible with the old BW IP).

The traditional solution is to use a Virtual cube or aDSO (depending on your BW version) which can be based on ABAP, DB connect, etc...

If you already have the data in S/4, you could create a open ODS View based on your tables, and insert it in a composite provider together with your planning cube. In FOX you can work with the Infoprovider dimension, and specify the result to be ODS_view * rates in BPC.

In terms of recommendation, it really depends on your data volume, armonisation, etc...
But if you just need to replicate data in from S/4, you will benefit from the virtual model.

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Thanks Fed!

So when we are connecting to a totally independent, non-SAP system, say a random MS Access database or some Oracle system, we can still use this method?


Yes, you can create a Virtual cube, and read directly from the external DB.

You need to create a source system in BW to connect to the DB, and then a transformation and DTP for direct access.

Note that this is an old object, and it's probably going to be replaced with an open ODS view, though I don't remember if you can read from another DB with the open ODS.

Lucas Costa Apr 10 at 11:16 PM

Fox formulas can definitely read data from virtual info cubes.

I am actually working in process where both info providers involved are type virtual; One is reading data from ACDOCP via HANA and writing data back via ABAP, and the other is reading and writing from/to a series of CO tables via BAPI.

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Thanks Lucas.

In your example, ACDOCP and the CO Tables are both already in the same physical box as BPC, because it all lives on the S4 server. I was thinking more of situations where the data you need is on a completely different server - will the same approach still be valid?


Oh misread the message.. Yes, composite providers rule now.. Not just ODS views, you can assign HANA views as well and work from there.