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Bug in ABAP Editor (Display Object List)

Apr 10 at 03:58 PM


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I'm fully aware this is really an SAP Support issue but, unfortunately, my SID has no authorization to open incidents, we have no ANST transaction and I didn't find any applicable SAP Notes with a correction. Since we're on EHP6 7.31 SP8 and it's quite an obvious bug I suspect it's most likely already corrected but the note could just have different keywords.

The symptom is: you open a program in SE38, then click on Object List button (Ctrl-Shift-F5). The object list appears but it's impossible to navigate to any objects and message EU061 "Object.... not found" appears.

In the screenshot you can see the problem is that the program name on top is incorrect (the first Z and last few characters are cut off). If I update the name manually, the list starts working.

I searched in Launchpad by "ABAP Editor object list" and message ID but couldn't find anything helpful.

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Jürgen L Apr 11 at 06:12 AM

Maybe in your system the name of the transaction ANST is still the old name ANST_SEARCH_TOOL

this OSS note explains truncation issues in SE80 2216308 - Usability problems in SE80 with SAP GUI 7.40

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Thanks so much, Juergen! Would've never found this note. I'm actually using GUI 7.5 but the symptom matches. Looks like this is resolved only from Basis 7.4 and the "solutions" for lower versions (especially love "change Windows DPI") are not great. I guess I'll just struggle until we upgrade later this year.

And thanks for the old transaction name too! We do have it. I got a "fatal error" when running it but there is a note for that.

I knew I came to the right place to ask this. :) Thanks again!

Uwe Fetzer Apr 13 at 02:37 PM

No, I will not mention ADT here .... ;-)

(but thanks for still using SE38)

Uwe (aka @se38)

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