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Sep 19, 2008 at 06:50 AM

Variant configuration question????


Hi gurus,

I have done variant configuration. Created a configurable material, created class and characteristics.

E.g. My configurable material is a door. The characteristics are Colour/Size/Type etc.

The values are: Colour:Green/Red - Size:2m/2.5m(wood) - Type: Small/big

I want to order from suppliers Red colour, Green colour, wood etc and keep them in stock.

How can I connect values with materials Red colour, Green colour etc in order to reduce their stock every time a Sales Order takes place????

How can I say for example that Green reduces 2kg and Red 3kg of the stocked colours? or for example the small wood 2 square m /the big 3 sqm?????etc

I do not want to use PP and MRP...I do not want a Production order to be created for every Sales order, I want for Every Sales Order the Stock of raw materials to be reduced..

Thank you in advance.