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Sep 19, 2008 at 06:43 AM

smartform loop into internal table problem


hello experts,

i am doing an example given in regarding smartforms. I am getting problem which doing the smartforms . please help me.

in that i am doing the program

Working with loop.

I have done exactly as the screen shots in the program.

Now in the main window i created a loop.

in that loop i am not getting the option internal table.

But it is showing as operand . It is in the data tab of the loop.

I searched the all the tabs in the loop but did not find the option internal table.

so then i ticked the operand and i did as speified in the screen shots.

it_tab into fs_tab

Then i created a text and then placed &fs_tab-vbeln& etc.

then i executed the smartform now in the output i am not getting the sales order number , item etc.

The output is showing like

&fs_tab-vbeln& &fs_tab-posnr& etc.

please guide me how to get the internal table option in the loop. And also tell me how to rectify this problem