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Former Member
Sep 19, 2008 at 05:27 AM

Clarifications relating to Rework Order flow


Hi All,

Please clarify the below points in rework order flow

1. The rework order is created in background after partial confirmation, is there anyway i can go to the rework order screen from CO11n?

2. I have defined a new control key ZP01 with rework, print time tkts, print conf, print & cost ind. ticked & confirmations set to 1 & have assigned this cntrl. key to my ref. opn. set which is used for the rework order is this correct?

3. I have PCNF the last opn in the parent order with 7 as yield & 3 as rework, the rework order is created. But when i open the rework order i find that opn. qty is 0, where as it should have been 3, what could be the reason?

4. Also once i confirm the rework order, do i need to confirm back the 3 nos. in the parent order & then do the GR of the parent order?