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Former Member
Sep 19, 2008 at 04:52 AM

"Opatch through out error while applying CPUJul2008"


Hello !

We are applying CPUJul2008 patch in our systemECC5(Oracle9.2.0.8+AIX)but while applying facing following problems :

Comparing "/oracle/client/CPU_2009/7154111/files/lib/libgslber_s9.a/gslesen.o" a nd "/oracle/SB1/920_64/.patch_storage/verify/lib/libgslber_s9.a/gslesen.o"

Source file name is : /oracle/client/CPU_2009/7154111/files/lib/libgslber_s9 .a/gslesen.o, size is : 10614

Destination file name(from OracleHome) is : /oracle/SB1/920_64/.patch_storag e/verify/lib/libgslber_s9.a/gslesen.o, size is : 10549

Archive failed: failed to update "/oracle/SB1/920_64/lib/libgslber_s9.a" with updated "/oracle/client/CPU_2009/7154111/files/lib/libgslber_s9.a/gslesen.o"

There are 31 issues copying files to Oracle Home.

There are 10 issues patching Java library in Oracle Home.

There are 63 issues patching static library in Oracle Home.

FILE PROBLEM: some files are not patched.

OPATCH_JAVA_ERROR: Patch was not successfully applied.

Verification of the patch failed.

ERROR: OPatch failed as verification of the patch failed.

Earlier there was no opatch applied in our system..Can anybody through light on this error & help us out..