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Hi Gurus,

What are the activities that take place in a rollout project? Do we have access to SPRO in the project

Thanks in advance


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    Sep 19, 2008 at 04:14 AM


    What is roll out of SAP Project?

    As per dictionary, Rollout means u201CInauguration or initial exhibition of a new productu201D.

    As per SAP specific definition, rollout is the strategy for international SAP implementation. Rollout strategy normally include the following

    - Whether to implement SAP simultaneously (also known as big-bang) in all the countries, or

    - Go live in sequence of phased manner

    - Or to go for the combination of both (phased manner implementation for some of the countries and big-bang for others).

    Rollout strategy is the most important decision that a client can make during SAP implementation. Normally, steering committee decides the rollout strategy.

    Implementing a package can be a traumatic affair for both the customer and the vendor. Get it wrong and the vendor may get paid late or have to resort to lawyers to get paid and tarnish their reputation. For the company the new package may not work the way they expected, be late or cost a more than budgeted for and take management will take their eye off running their business.

    Recently a client asked me what I would consider to be the five most important things one should consider before embarking on an implementation. This isn't a simple question, although there are many factors to think about after some consideration for me the top five are way ahead of the others.

    My top five factors to consider would be:

    1. Set up a Project Board,

    2. Secure the resources,

    3. Complete the GAP Analysis,

    4. Have detailed Cut Over Plans,

    5. Train the users.

    Taking each one in turn:

    The Project Board

    The correct set up and operation of the Project Board in my view is major factor in the success failure of the project. The Project Board will consist of the stakeholders, key users and the vendor. The Project Board is part of the governance of the project. The Project Board will meet regularly to ensure that the project plans are created and being executed as planned, moves from stage to stage with all the deliverables being signed off is resourced properly.

    The Resources

    Three types of resources are absolutely necessary -- end users, change team and technicians.

    Early involvement by the end users is absolutely necessary, as they will be the ones living with the system for hopefully many years to come. They will want to feel involved in its implementation. Buy in from the end users of the system is absolutely essential if the system is to have a long and stable life in any organisation.

    The Change Team will identify the gaps between the package and the business requirements, re-engineer some of the businesses process to cope with the package, train the users to ensure implementations is smooth as possible into the business.

    The Technical Team will prepare the systems environment for the package, apply any software fixes from the vendor, implement the software in the best way possible for the organisation set up and tune the software for the particular technical environment.

    GAP Analysis

    A through gap analysis will identify the gaps between how the business operates ad its needs against what the package can can't do. For each gap there will be one of three outcomes which must be recorded and actioned, GAP must be closed and customised software can be developed close the gap, GAP must be closed but software cannot be written therefore a workaround is required, GAP does not need to be closed.

    In simple terms: Gap means small cracks. In SAP world. In information technology, gap analysis is the study of the differences between two different information systems or applications( ex; existing system or legacy system with Client and new is SAP), often for the purpose of determining how to get from one state to a new state. A gap is sometimes spoken of as "the space between where we are and where we want to be." Gap analysis is undertaken as a means of bridging that space.

    Actual gap analysis is time consuming and it plays vital role in blue print stage.

    Cut Over Plans

    Detailed plans need to be developed for cutting over from the old system(s) to the new. Parallel runs of what will happen over the conversion period using test data, convert and watch for a period after wards to ensure nothing unexpected happens.

    Train Users

    Well trained users will support and defend the system on site. Unsupportive users will continually undermine the system and eventually it will be replaced. Therefore the more effort you put into helping the users master the system early the better.

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    Syed Hussain.

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  • Sep 19, 2008 at 04:06 AM


    will give the essance, upto my knowledge..if anything wrong please correct.

    Roll -out Project:

    Extending the business functionality from corporate to its branch office.Example: You have main office in German and they implemented SAP.Also they have branch in India and want to implement in India.When implementing SAP in India office( having same company in corporate level and assigning a company code for India to the same company), you can say it's a roll out project.

    Roll out example

    IF client is on SAP and runing SAP

    now he purchases new p-lant or set up new plant

    then going on to sap for this new plant is roll out

    IF client is on ECC5 and he want to go to laterast ecc6 or 7

    then this project for ecc5 to ecc 6 is call upgrade

    or conversion for non unicode to unicode client its also cale upgrade project

    So roll out project means you have to copy what are all the things in the old plant configuration, that things you have to copy that in new plant code..

    1.Company code is already maintained

    2.give plant code

    3.give storage location (how many storage location in new plant)

    4.purchase organization for this new plant

    5.Purchase group

    6.if any ware house module is there you have to give the bin, rack and related shipping point and delivery point,sales org, sales channel…….picking and packing…. number ranges, document type and output type

    8.po number ranges and document type and output type for taking printout.

    9 gr document number ranges and out put type and document type(mb90)

    10. invoice screen config and output type…….(mr90)

    11.pricing procedure

    12.plant settings –both inventory and mrp related settings……..(u have to ask this information from your client)

    13.material master settings

    14.vendr number ranges and related settings in account group

    15.rfq and qutotation related settings…..

    16.if you have contract arrangement….then you have to give number ranges and document type and output type for taking printout

    17.if consignment is there…..same number ranges,document type and output type……

    18..if STO is there…..u have to give related document type and output type and number ranges………


    if cin is ther,,,u have to define chapter id, delivery challan,TC,registers RG23A,RG23C,RG23D, and other 57fc and 5fAC sub-contracting challan.

    You have to confirm information related to account determination and account postings………

    If production planning module is there, u have to confirm,….mrp and procurement information…because requirement is generated from mrp…….

    difference between implementation and roll out



    award if helpful

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