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MDG_BS_MAT_UI010 ERROR in copied MDG application

Hi ,

I made a copy of MDG_BS_MAT fpm aplication and now when i execute it i receive the message :


Somwbody know how to fix it?


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2 Answers

  • Apr 10, 2018 at 11:39 AM

    Hi Ronaldo,

    always good if you are able to find the resolution yourself. However - what are you trying to accomplish that requires to copy the FPM application completely? In our extensibility guides we do recommend customizing, CBA and maybe copying whole UI configurations if required, but rather not the applications because of various wiring etc.

    There is some risk you run into follow-up issues, e.g. in screen navigation etc. future updates will not be included in your copy and so on.

    Also the solution you are describing is a maintenance of an existing customizing activity - which you should rather use than direct table/view maintenance. Use MDGIMG - Process Modeling - Business Activities - "Link Logical Actions with Business Activity: Standard Definition" - but this table is a table delivered by SAP and may be overwritten by SAP. For customer there is an IMG activity below called "Link Logical Actions with Business Activity: Custom Definition" (V_USMD167C_C). Make sure you use this instead.

    So yes you solved your issue, but I do have concerns that you are appyling best practices for your customer here.

    Please share the customer requirement so that you may get some proposal on how to solve it in a more robust way.

    Thanks, BR Ingo Rothley

    MDG Product Manager, SAP SE

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    • Hi Ronaldo,

      the WIKI link I shared has a lot of guides per domain and for generic framework topoics.

      For MDG-Material we do have two general approches for the UI - one flat and one hierarchical - reflected in two different application configuration and UI configuration, but both sharing the same application MDG_BS_MAT_OVP. Rather than adding a "Z-screen" like you may be used to from ECC backend you should integrate own UIBBs in either of the two. This ensures that action handling, field visibility etc. are handled correctly.

      If you want to add additional content and include a user activity you should rather use the concept of "Enrichment Spots" which you find under MDGIMG "Data Quality and Search" (check the description of the IMG activity) and where you find a guide in the WIKI as well. Section:


      Enrichment of Master Data in MDG – Generic Guide and Sample Implementation

      Feel free to contact me directly: in order you want to share / discuss some more customer-sensitive information - best advice can be given if you share the use case behind your extension.

      BR Ingo

  • Apr 10, 2018 at 12:49 AM

    Hi i Found the solution by debug .

    to whom it mayconcern :

    The solution is to register my new aplication With UI confing in SE11 view V_USMD167C in sm30 transaction.

    I hope this can be useful for someone one day


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