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Sales and Purchase in ONE view

Apr 09 at 04:06 PM


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Hi All-

I am trying to define a rule or extraction logic to see if I can pull Sales data/ Sales Amount and the corresponding Vendor information from whom the Products were purchased.

For example:

I purchase a Material "A" from Vendor "A-Vendor" for a certain amount and then sell it to customer through Sales Orders.

I have the material list and want to build a report or atleast define logic where I can have Vendor info. and Sales amounts in the same view. How do I tie the Sales data (VBAP) for Materials to fetch the corresponding Vendor info. from where it was purchased in a single view?

Any help will be greatly appreciated


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Jürgen L Apr 09 at 04:27 PM

Unless you have not more info which you did not share with us, I can just say that you can't have it if you did not do a Make/Buy-to-order process.

With neutral warehouse stock you can just assume something, but it is never really a fact.

See my blog How old is my stock / from which vendor is my stock

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Hi Jurgen - Thanks. Maybe below scenario will provide some more information on what I am trying to accomplish.

Lets say I'm a car dealership and sell Ford, Chevy, and Toyota. So basically Ford, Chevy and Toyota Corporations are my Vendors from whom I buy and then sell them to my customers. At some point I would just like to know that dollar amounts sold for all three. So we sold 100K in Fords, 75K in Chevy, and 30K in Toyota's.

Is there a way to extract this info. from SAP i.e. Sales accomplished (for products) from vendors and get it in ONE view?


I think my blog makes it very much clear.

If you are a car dealer and you sell Ford, Chevy, and Toyota, then you should not do it just by using a single material named "CAR" . Ford, Chevy, and Toyota would then need to be a batch if you want want to make such reporting.


As Juergen said, unless you use batch management, there is no way to say that this particular car was purchased from this particular vendor and sold to this particular customer.

If there is an assumption that there is always only one vendor for material (and it never changes?) then I guess you could make up such report by looking up the vendor number (LIFNR) by Material in a purchasing info record or whenever you'd maintain that cross-reference. You'd probably also need Plant or some kind of Sales Org / Purchasing Org linkage.

But, as Juergen correctly noted, this would be very much assumption-based and may be inaccurate. Also I'm not quite sure what value such report would even provide. What metrics would you obtain from this? The material from such and such vendor is not selling well? Hm, you only have one vendor anyway, so what are you going to do about it? Stop selling Fords altogether? You don't need vendor number for this IMHO.

Think about it.