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BPC DM Package ended with warning

Nov 01, 2016 at 02:38 PM


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Dear BPC Experts,

We have a BPC /CPMB/IMPORT DM packeg to load flat file transnational data into BPC and its ending with warning without any warning logs and below are logs same .


/CPMB/MODIFY completed in 0 seconds

/CPMB/CONVERT completed in 9 seconds

/CPMB/LOAD completed in 16 seconds

/CPMB/CLEAR completed in 0 seconds






Task name CONVERT:

Process step executes with parallel

No 1 Round:

Reject count: 0

Record count: 1

Skip count: 0

Accept count: 12

Task name LOAD:

Process step executes with parallel

Submit count: 6

Reject count: 0

model: NS_PLAN. Package status: WARNING

When We disable PARALLELL_EXECUTION(ON) it's completed successfully and all the records are loaded as expected.

after this we performed clear meta data cache and refresh metadata for connection and then we tested with the same with PARALLELL_EXECUTION(ON) and its working fine.

Now my concern is what was the exact issue., and this issue is happening after our systems technical upgrade on wards (BW 7.4 from SP08 to Sp13 and BPC 10.1 from SP02 to SP08 ). I just want to know the reason and how to fix this issue permanently.

Thanks in advance.!


Raji P

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2 Answers

Vadim Kalinin Nov 01, 2016 at 07:30 PM

Unfortunately after you fixed the issue with clear/refresh metadata it's not possible to find the primary reason for the issue. Anyway if you upgraded from sp02 to sp08 then you may have some issues. It's better to upgrade more often!

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Raji P Nov 03, 2016 at 05:15 AM

Thanks Vadim for your reply. So now we'll not get the actual reason for the issue.If possible may i know the usual causes for these type of issues.


Raji P

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There are no usual reasons, each time you have to investigate everything.