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Former Member
Sep 18, 2008 at 10:38 PM

Report grouped by month, need months with no data to appear.


In my report, I have the data grouped on a formula field that concatenates month and year, so all of my months are returned in order with summary data for the months in headder along with the group name. The details are supressed.

I have two issues.

1) I need the headders to show up for all months, even months with no data. I've had a similar issue in the past, which I've worked around, but I was grouping based on a finite ordinal set that existed in my database. I simply let in a little more data than I needed, and supressed the extra rows. This isn't going to work here.

2) I need the zeroed data points to appear in a graph. Right now, the graph just ignores months that don't exist in the dataset, and as a result the time scale isn't an accurate representation of the actual data trend. ie: if Jan was 13, Feb was 0, and March was 13, on the graph, the line is continuous from 13 to 14. For a user who isn't paying attention to the axis would miss that there is actually a zero in there.