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Apr 09, 2018 at 11:54 AM

Behavior observed: hundreds of “.offline” files are present in “My SAP BO Documents\LocData” folder



We are experiencing performance issues when using the Web Intelligence Rich Client application. During my investigation into this, I noticed that we had literally hundreds of “.offline” files in “My SAP BusinessObjects Documents\LocData” folder. For example, SERVERNAME_6400 (Offline - 20-03-2018 08-49-53).offline .

These all contain information similar to the following :-

connection.offline.lsi.archive_name=SERVERNAME_6400(20-03-2018-08-49-53).lsi connection.common.config_name=SERVERNAME_6400 connection.common.mode=OFFLINE_MODE connection.common.cluster_name=SERVERNAME_6400(20-03-2018-08-49-53).lsi

I also noticed that the ‘Date Modified’ was changing for each file, every time we logged into the application. We tried to logout, and moved all of these files to another folder. This apparently solved the performance issue, but I’ve noticed that they keep being created for this user. I haven’t noticed them being created for any other use. I’ve researched this issue, but haven’t been able to find anything relating to it. Is this a configuration setting that this user has set ?

Can you please help / advise.