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Sep 18, 2008 at 06:02 PM

Run time error (short dump) executing program SCAN_BW_REFERENCES in SE80


Hi experts,

I am not an ABAPer, or Basis person, rather a hybrid functional/technical Key User for our Business Warehouse system (BW 3.5, Netweaver 2004). We have a user who cannot save BW reports to his favorites and he is getting a number of error messages. OSS note 887002 seems to address this and indicates that I should run program SCAN_BW_REFERENCES from transaction SE80. The program is supposed to perform the checks for BW objects assigned to the Favorites and identify situations causing terminations in BW frontend applications. I have attempted to execute this program on several occassions and always get run-time errors (short dumps). Here is the error:



Date and Time 2008.09.17 19:00:49


No storage space available for extending an internal table.

What happened?

You attempted to extend an internal table, but the required space was

not available.


I have been informed by our Basis group that I have reached a memory limit, but they will not extend the memory paramters. Any ideas on a work-a-round or a way to minimize the number of records this program is pulling in, in an attempt to get it to run?