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Sep 18, 2008 at 06:00 PM

No posting to the G/l


Hey guys,

i have a strange issue, we loaded assets for 2008 using a program that was calling as01 then abze and it ran fine for 4 company codes. For one of the company codes we saw that for 5 of the asset classes the transactions didnt hit the gl.

When we run f.01 we saw that the 2008 load didnt hit the g/l, when i ran abst i can see that sap gives me the message that no accounting entry passed for these assets but it gives me an asset document with which i was able to get the fi document.

THe document shows that it posted and when i go to bseg and enter the document number i see the values

BUT its not showing up in f.01.

The entry that would have posted in ABZE is

DR cost

Cr Clearing

and when i got FBl3n i can the line item for the clearing account as well.My cost account is a recon account so i cant see the line item

i am not sure what went wrong here. Can you please advice on how to rectify this?