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Text Variable in Tray Title

HI BI experts,

we recently migrated many WAD from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0.

In BW 3.5 We had (in automatic) every Web Item with the Query (Dataprovider) title.

In BI 7.0 if we want the title over every Web Item, we have to manage the Tray; i can write the text manually in the Tray Settings but, unfortunately, in some Web Item, we have a text variable (a text variable is in the title of the query developed with the Query Designer).

My question is: How can i reproduce the right title of the query with the value of the text variable?

I'm not expert in Javascript, if the solution is in the javascript please give me an example of coding.

This is the xhtml code of a Web Item where "TXTORDI02" is the name of the text variable


<tr >

<td valign="top" colspan="2" >

<bi:CHART_ITEM name="CHART_1" designheight="325" designwidth="600" >

<bi:WIDTH value="600" />

<bi:HEIGHT value="325" />

<bi:WITH_TRAY value="X" type="CHOICE" >


<bi:CAPTION value="Valori EV Costi x Destinazione(Periodo) -&TXORDI02&" />

<bi:CAPTION_VISIBLE value="X" />

<bi:STYLE value="PLAIN" />

<bi:UPDATE_TYPE value="CLIENT" />



<bi:CHART_CUSTOMIZING value="biLargeData:99ZXG4E32B0MJ9FP1ISDPVW1C" />

<bi:CHART_TYPE value="COLUMNS" />






<bi:OVERRIDE_AXIS_DESC type="CHOICE" value="" />

<bi:OVERRIDE_AXIS_LABEL type="CHOICE" value="" />





Thanks in advance.

Fabrizio Modesti

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1 Answer

  • Apr 23, 2009 at 03:39 PM

    Hi Fabrizio,

    you could place an infofield item above the analysis item and refer to the Dataprovider with one element: information type = "generic text" and the value of the generic text element "QUERY_DESCRIPTION". Use the same item width as the analysis item.

    Then the Query description is generic.

    If you like you could use a container item with tray which includes these 2 elements.

    <bi:INFO_FIELD_ITEM name="INFO_FIELD_ITEM_1" designheight="300" designwidth="800" >
       <bi:WIDTH value="800" />
       <bi:DATA_PROVIDER_REF value="DP_1" />
         <bi:INFORMATION_TYPE type="CHOICE" index="1" value="GENERIC_TEXT_ELEMENT" >

    Instead the Infofield item you could take a text item with the generic text:

    <bi:TEXT_ITEM name="TEXT_ITEM_1" designheight="70" designwidth="400" >
            <bi:GENERIC_TEXT_BINDING type="COMPOSITE" >
                <bi:DATA_PROVIDER_REF value="DP_1" />
                <bi:GENERIC_TEXT_ELEMENT value="QUERY_DESCRIPTION" />

    best regards


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