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Lumira Designer 2.1 SP1 - Infoprovider Errors using UNX connections on HANA

Apr 10 at 03:11 PM


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Dear All,

The Lumira Designer Dashboards we created with UNX (on HANA) as Data Source are throwing "Infoprovider" errors after upgrading to Lumira 2.0 when executed from BI Platform. The Dashboards are working properly as expected when run locally (even in Lumira 2.1 SP1).

We have verified the Application Servers - Command line parameters and has Data connections defined already. We created sample single query Dashboard on UNX and having the same "Infoprovider Errors" when run on BI Platform.

We have these Dashboards working perfectly from Local but having Infoprovider issues in BI Launchpad. Attached are the screenshots from the Dashboard. All the Data Source queries built on UNX are throwing the same error.

Current Lumira Client Tool - SAP Lumira 2.1 SP1

Server Version - Lumira 2.1 SP1

Universe - UNX with Relational connection to HANA database

Is the UNX connection type (32 bit or 64 bit) impacting or causing these errors?

I highly appreciate this community's support on this issue and if anyone has ever encountered such issues with UNX on HANA.


Dheeraj Patta

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Hi - are you creating a connection to the universe through the CMC? Which version / SP of the BI platform are you using?

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Yes, Tammy. The UNX connections are relational connections created from IDT but managed from CMC. We have been using these connections without any issues for 3 years now.(Dashboards, Webi, Crystal, Explorer etc.)

The current version of our BI Platform is 4.2 Support Pack 3 Patch 3.

Please do let me know if Lumira 2.0 Designer requires UNX connections to be always 64-bit? and OLAP alone?

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Thank you Tammy for the PAM link. On Page 8 - I see the limitation on UNX Data Sources mentioned below -

(4) Acquiring data from SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x UNX universes connected to an OLAP data source is not supported

Our UNX connections are relational connections to HANA database and are not OLAP. I am wondering what else can be in play here. All these Lumira Designer Dashboards work perfectly in local bringing data however when published/run from BI Platform is where we are getting "Infoprovider" errors.

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Tammy Powlas
Apr 12 at 04:39 PM
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Thank you so much Tammy for the links and information. Sure, I will go through the links in detail and will discuss the configuration or server setup with our Admins. Thank you so much for your prompt response and much needed assistance. I really appreciate it.