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CRM Business transaction to Track New Products Development

Nov 01, 2016 at 01:57 PM


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We like to implement a CRM solution via business transaction to track an report on New Products, store feedback from customers.

Which CRM business transaction fits for this scenario ?


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Hello Dante,

Your requirement is too general to be classified simply.

Are you willing to predict new product? In CRM we do have the Prediction functionality with BW integrated. Speaking of 'store feedback' you may try Survey.

If you need more detailed information please let us know more about your requirement first.

Thanks and regards,



We'd like to implement a CRM solution for a business case scenario : 'New Products Development', basically store information about meetings and follow up of these meetings regarding new products. Theses meetings are presented from our business team to our main customers (indivudually).
In these meetings our business team present the new products. We like to store the presentations of these meetings, other documents that support these meetings, the attendees, product information, Customer feedback, likelihood of acceptance, next steps.
Then we like to generate reports with this information.
Could I usee Activity Journal for this ? I couldn't find where to store the 'attendees', attenddes of the meetings are people who are not set-up in our systems, they are people that represent the customer, so they are not register as Business Partners

Thanks Webster


Actually I would use an opportunity or lead transaction instead of an activity. The activity journal is honestly a pain for end-users, while leads and opportunities would work better(have better mobile support also). Honestly when I re-read your process description it matches exactly a opportunity process much closer.

Ideally I would probably create a shell opportunity to track the entire new products development. Any individual meetings along the way could be created as follow-up transactions to the opportunity. You don't want to track the products at the activity journal. Instead it's much easier to track the opportunity and feed the combined data for reporting.

If you already did go down he activity journal route, well hopefully it did work.

Take care,



Thanks Stephen.

I think I can not have Surveys under Opportunities. Since I need to get the feedback from the meetings I'm going to use Surveys for this.


I forgot about surveys, but that's definitely is a good choice. Technically there are ways to make survey's work with different transaction types, but an activity with a survey is an excellent choice.


I will go with Stephen, Opportunity would be the best bet. Item level details are lot better than Activity Journal and you will have a option to create Activity/Task for the Opportunity and also can create various Follow up documents.

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Spencer Liang
Nov 03, 2016 at 04:14 AM

Hi Dante,

Your requirement can be realized by business activity. You can create a business activity transaction type for this kinda meeting.

The presentations and docuemnts can be uploaded to the activity in assignment block (AB) Attachment.

Attendees shall be added in AB Parties Involved or automatically determined by partner determination procedure (See Https://

Product information can be stored in AB activity journal.

Customer feedback can be released by survey in AB Questionaire.

likelihood can be released by reasons for activity status (

Next step: mostly like you will have to visit customer again or create quotation or even sales order. in this case, the user needs to create follow up transaction for the next step. See

You may use action to create follow up transaction automatically too. See

If you need to know more about action, see


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Thanks Spencer

I almost got the solution for this. Just one concern, Instead of input the products I will need to input the Product Category. So I'm using Activity Journal Item for this :

So I copied the configuration for this section and removed the Product ID and save it. But for some reason my configuration is not being showed, it is showing the default configuration. How can I set my configuration as default ? I tried via Configuration Determination Method but no success.

Also I will need to customize the Hierarchy ID Search to restrict the Hierarchies nodes to be displayed in the Search (set some values for default). Do you know which view is this ? I couldn't find it in the Component I working on, see below :

Thanks !!



1, to find view of any field in the assignment block, put cursor in it and press F2 on keyboard.

2, if you remove product id and save it, your layout should be saved for your logon user. This should be standard. try to use report below to delete your logon user personalization and test it again. please note that it will delete all the personalizaiton layout.




Thanks Spencer but I guess I didn't explain clearly this.

1. I'm trying to customize the 'Search Product Category' view which is pop up when I click on the 'Hierarchy ID' of the 'Activity Journal Item' (see the first screen shot of omy previous message). I've put the cursor on it and press F2 and nothing comes. Seems that it is not allowed.

2. About the customization of the 'Activity Journal Item', you are saying that I 'm not allowed to change the Product ID ? or I have to delete all my personalization via that program to be able see my changes in the

'Activity Journal Item' ? . My ppint is that according to our requirement I don't need to enter the Product ID. We only required to enter the Product Category, so I have to remove the Product ID from the

'Activity Journal Item',



1, I cannot neither.

2, no. what I mentioned is not if product id field is changeable or not. I talked about the UI layout. in the act journal item assignment block, you add a field to it, and the system should remember it and display the same layout next time. We call it personalization. If your system does not remember your own layout, and always display the standard layout, you may delete the personalization profile and test it again.

3, this is possible to default a product id for act journal. I will try to write some wiki articles and get back to you. it will take some time.



It didn't work deleting the personalization profile. Still Im not getting my personalized View in the 'Activity Journal Item'. I gues I need to understand clearly how these methods are working in my system for the .component BT127I_ACTI. Seems that there is some customzing already implemented that is taking place and ignoring my customizing.



Spencer Liang
Nov 03, 2016 at 04:18 AM

attenddes of the meetings are people who are not set-up in our systems,

If your attendees are not set up in CRM system, you must do it.


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