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Function Module "CUAN_CE_INTERACTIONS_POST" is not creating Contact

Apr 10 at 01:11 PM


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Dear All,

Hope you are fine,
We faced with an issue during import Contact Interaction in Hybris.
We want to import the Contact Interaction via "CUAN_CE_INTERACTIONS_POST" function module.

We inserted the ID Origin, Timestamp, Communication Medium and some other info.
This function Module should work like this: If it can not find the Contact information that we inserted (Name, LastName, Email,...) It should create it, but unfortunately in one of our system is not creating!

After launching this FM, I can see the full table in "CUAND_CE_IA_RT"

But if I go and search for related contact (Contact_Key) in CUAND_CE_IC_ROOT I can not see the FirstName, LastName,etc...

Does any one know what we are missing?



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ic-root.png (49.9 kB)
ia-rt.png (54.6 kB)
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s sin Apr 18 at 10:45 AM

Hi Kunal,

Thanks for your suggestion,
I found the root of issue, we activated the BADI for merging contact interaction and we forgot to fill the data in IC_Root table.

So now the issue is solved,

For ones who may face this issue I will explain below:

There is BADI for merging Contact Interaction in SPRO

Inside this BADI there are some methods:

Our requirement was to do some modifictaion in part of Marging_Contact, so we just wrote our codes in the last Method and all others were empty.

If the BADI is active, the system is not doing the normal round for filling the IC_ROOT... So you should copy the all Implementation from the standard ones and do your modifictaion based on your scenario.


badi.png (29.6 kB)
2222.png (48.9 kB)
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Best Regards,


Kunal Bansal
Apr 10 at 01:36 PM

Dear Customer,

Please check these 2 notes if relevant to your release and implement:

  • 2531497
  • 2496870

Best Regards,


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Hi Kunal,

Thanks for your answer,
Actually the importing proccess is not terminating, is going with successful, but the issue is that: Is not creating the contact in IC_Root completely.. I mean is creating a contact with related Contact_key in "IA_RT" but is completely empty, it has just DB_Key, and Timestamp... Is not containing the Firstname, Last name,city,...

I did a trace (for another Interaction with other name) and you can see below the result:

As you can see when it is going to insert to related Table, Just for "CUAND_CE_IC_ROOT" is not inserting Name, LastName or any other information... It has just "DB_KEY"

I went to related Program "/BOBF/LCL_DAC_UPDATEF01", it is the same as mentioned below... Is not inserting any other information to Contact (IC_ROOT) and I do not know why and how...

Do you have any idea what could be the issue?


trace.png (189.0 kB)
debug.png (83.5 kB)

Hello Sin,

Please create a medium incident with SAP in component - CEC-MKT-DM-IA and also mention the URL to this question!

Best Regards,